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Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund

Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund 

A beloved children’s book author and illustrator the world over, Tomie’s outsized personality and contagious love of artmaking inspired us all on his frequent visits to the Currier.

Tomie’s gift was to see the goodness in the world around us. From The Art Lesson, teaching us that quality art materials really do MATTER to a precocious grade school artist who finds himself through his art, to Tomie’s final wish to “quiet” our unruly world in his last illustrated book, Tomie’s lesson was to always be present and creative in the world. 

Today, the Currier proudly stewards the Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund for children and teens receiving tuition-free classes in the Currier Museum’s studio art program.

Young artists from our immediate region, and from afar, enroll in classes taught by professional teaching artists in the Currier’s beautiful Art for Vets Studios. For students unable to attend in person, they engage with learning online. Whether in person or online, each student has the Currier’s collection as inspiration.

We hope that you will consider contributing to the Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund today.

Your gift provides children and teens from economically challenged circumstances access to classes and vacation art camps, with up to 30 hours of formal art instruction; the use of quality art supplies (a priority of Tomie’s!); and access to the Currier’s galleries anytime.

For many of our students, this focused attention to artmaking builds their confidence, their visual literacy skills and academic performance, and can be a key factor in improving their emotional well-being in and outside of the classroom.

We know that artmaking is a universal language shared across cultures and time. Tomie was most aware that art is a vital bridge that connects all of us—children, teens, parents, and grandparents alike.

Please consider doing your part to support the Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund today.

Make the world a better place, one art student at a time.



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