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Chandler House Restoration Fund

Help us return the house to its past glory.

sepia toned photograph of large Victorian home

Byron Chandler House, 1892, courtesy of New Hampshire Historical Society

The Currier Museum of Art is renovating the George Byron Chandler House, an architectural treasure from the late 19th century that sits across the street from the museum. The main floor of the house preserves impressive stained glass windows, original wallpaper, and fine wood carving. These areas will be open the public as an expansion of the museum, specifically to represent New Hampshire in the 19th century.

We need your help to renovate this beautiful home to its original glory. The Currier Museum of Art aims to raise over $2 million dollars in order to support the work ahead, and also develop an endowment for future upkeep and maintenance, public access, outreach, and education programs. Help us save this historically and architecturally significant building for generations to come by making your gift today.

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