artist in residence

Omolara Williams McCallister

Spring 2021

Ọmọlará Williams McCallister
Photo: Reese Bland

While Ọmọlará Williams McCallister was in residence at the Currier Museum, Ọmọlará  focused on projects that create space for folks to reflect, grieve and celebrate their communities’ resilience. The artist hosted a series of workshops titled “Resist!” Fiber art techniques were taught while holding space for community members to collectively process the ways that participants are shaping and being shaped by current events like covid, the Movement for Black Lives, homelessness, and substance dependence.


About the artist:
Ọmọlará is a dynamic creator who is committed to using art in service of personal and collective liberation. Ọmọlará’s work is a call and response blend of sculpture, performance, installation, community building, adornment, word, sound, song, movement, and photography. It is immersive, interactive, and co-authored by the people who inspire and encounter it. Ọmọlará, who uses the pronouns O, love, and beloved, inhabits various roles as an educator, organizer, cultural strategist, and conjurer. Learn more about O’s work here.


In this interview, Omolará discusses love’s artistic process, the programs love led while in residence and the things love learned from working with the Currier’s many communities.

artist in residence

Our Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program invites artists to live and work at the museum. While in residence, artists consider the collection and community, and refresh our perspectives on the role of the museum. The program is central to the Currier Museum’s mission of connecting our audiences with art and creative thinking, whether of the past or the future. We hope to learn from our visiting artists – and be surprised by their perspectives.

Artists working in all media participate in the AIR program, which has three main components: 1) an open call to support emerging artists making socially engaged art; 2) an invitational through which artists are selected to develop special projects, commissions, or exhibitions; and 3) artist-led, community-centered public art projects in the city of Nashua, NH.


Open Call for Artist in Residence Applications

Our annual open call is currently live from October 1 – December 1, 2022. Artists who share the museum’s goal of positively impacting communities through the transformative power of art are encouraged to apply to this residency.

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