The Tomie DePaola Art Education Fund

portrait of a man with grey hair and beard, smiling and wearing a colorful scarf

Tomie dePaola in his studio, with a drawing of Strega Nona, 2018

In honor of a treasured New Hampshire artist, the Currier Museum of Art has established The Tomie dePaola Art Education Fund to support art education for young people. Art is an important avenue of discovery and growth, as Tomie himself found. Tomie had a great affinity for bringing art to children of all backgrounds, a mission shared by the Currier Museum Art Center. The Currier Museum proudly exhibited Tomie’s work in 2018 and this fund will be a sustainable memorial to the artist.

Tomie dePaola (1934–2020) wrote and illustrated some 270 books over 50 years, ranging from folk tales, nursery rhymes, to stories about art. His deceptively simple illustrations are warm, comforting, and capture complex emotions. A longtime resident of New Hampshire, he was selected by the state as a Living Treasure in the arts.


pastel colored illustration of children painting, one has wings and hovers above the ground

Tomie dePaola, The Art Angel, 2005. Currier Museum of Art. © Estate of Tomie dePaola