July 1, 2017 – November 13, 2017


One of the Currier’s most beloved paintings, Claude Monet’s The Bridge at Bougival (1869), is recognized as one of only a handful of early pictures that foreshadow Monet’s development of impressionism. For the first time, The Bridge at Bougival will be on view with three other Monet masterpieces, each representing a milestone in the artist’s career, including the Kimbell Art Museum’s stunning 3′ x 5′ canvas, La Pointe de la Hève at Low Tide (1865), the painting that launched Monet’s career at the 1865 Paris Salon.


The MFA Boston’s Cap Martin (1884) is masterful in its rendering of the play of light across the Maritime Alps and the sandy and rocky foreground, and Charing Cross Bridge (1900) is a departure from Monet’s fully mature impressionist works, evoking the mood of place without relying on dramatic effects.


Image credit: Claude Monet, The Bridge at Bougival, 1869, oil on canvas, 25 3/4 in. x 36 3/8 in. Museum Purchase: Currier Funds, 1949.1