Elise Pumpelly posing in Abbott Thayer’s Studio about 1894. Photograph by Henry Darracott Allison.

August 31, 2016 – January 12, 2017


Artists flocked from cities to bucolic New Hampshire in the 19th century, attracted by the natural beauty and scenic vistas as well as the growing community of creative people. Short-term rented artist spaces afforded breathtaking views for urban dwellers looking for an escape from the stimulus of the city. A year-round residence allowed artists to observe the dramatic changes that occurred throughout the seasons and provided the opportunity to establish and personalize a studio.

Making Spaces: Artist Studios in New Hampshire is a Currier Library and Archives focus exhibition, exploring the relationship of artist to studio, both as a place of creation and also as a created space. Artists consider light and lighting, layout, location and decoration when establishing a working space. Some artists fill their studios with objects and items either for reference or for use as props. Others maintain more austere environments. The show highlights artists who chose New Hampshire as their creative place and provides a glimpse into their spaces.