We’ve asked visitors to share their thoughts about the painting From Midnight to Dawn by Adolph Gottlieb, on view now in The Secret Life of Art. Each viewer interprets the same work of art differently. Below are some of your inspired responses to this painting:

The J is a fishing hook
but all the fish are dead
floating at the top of a polluted lake
Its a comment on the pollution of the human race

I see the painting as the artist’s emotions.
The color blue represents that he is feeling down and glum And the black symbols could be the artist letting everything out.
In a way by just looking at it puts in so much feeling everything. It really makes me think and wonder.
(a child’s handwriting)

A black loop drips down from a complex storm cloud of symbols.
Like a raindrop it falls.
Slowly, agonizingly slowly.
I would never call this “From Midnight to Dawn”
I would call it a different type of feeling.
Sadness maybe, beauty, fear…
Or love,
A rainstorm of emotions.

The figures at the top represent different cultures of the world set above an empty sea and hook. Maybe to say that there is a vast empty void that needs to be filled to feed the human soul.

I like the painting and it looks like the artist tried to make a certain language of letters. (child’s handwriting)

The J makes me feel happy and sad at the same time. (child’s handwriting)

Reminds me of a child’s excitement about playing in rain and getting to use their umbrella and rain boots.

I see a reflection of my father — peacefulness and heritage.

Reminds me of childhood at the public swimming pool — jumping into the deep end — the warm air — the smell of chlorine — what fun summer is.

I see a capital J
it sorta makes me feel down
it looks like Chinese writing
the background looks like the ocean
it looks like it is trying to tell me something
looks like birds in the sky
looks like a secret code
looks like a nose
(age 8)

I like all the symbols. The dark blue square. Constellations is what I would name it.

Gone Fishin’ — The painting reminds me of the serenity one finds in fishing. All of the distractions of the world are not able to break the surface of the water.

What do you see when you look at this painting?