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Internship Program Description:nThe Currier Internship Program is designed to help students (high school, undergraduate, and graduate) develop the skills necessary for working in ancultural institution. Internships provide students with a broad range of experiences and are appropriate for those studying art history, museum studies,neducation, marketing, fundraising, or related fields to explore potential career paths. Students are encouraged to view the internship as an exchange ofnprofessional ideas between the museum and intern.nAll internships include a rigorous mentoring program with the goal of helping students develop their professional identity.nInternships are granted for educational credit only.
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    Describe your area of study, the specific work or departments that you'd hope to be involved in during this internship, and your goals for the internship. Explain your thoughts on the elements of a rewarding internship program and how the proposed internship will advance your academic/career goals for the future.
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    Human Resources
    Currier Museum of Art
    150 Ash Street
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