Many of the pieces now on view have never been seen before in public.



January 11th, 2018, Manchester, NH – The Currier Museum is pleased to announce “Going Baroque” a gallery featuring new acquisitions mingled with some old favorites.  Most of the objects date from the 17th century and reflect the artistic styles developed in response to religious controversies of the time.


This installation includes never-before-seen recent acquisitions including a deftly carved Spanish sculpture, Saint Peter of Alcántara, and The Judgment of Solomon, by Dutch painter Matthais Stom, who worked for his entire career in Italy. Visitors will come away with an understanding of the Baroque style and a renewed appreciation for signature works in the Currier’s collection.


Other pieces on display include a painted terracotta sculpture, of a twisting Baccante figure, a rare yellow marble sculpture, Crucifix by Giovanni Battista Foggini, which is the first old master decorative arts object to enter the Currier’s collection, and an ostentatious glass sculpture by contemporary artist Fred Wilson.


Some old favorites that have also been reinstalled, like the large tapestry, The Visit of the Gypsies.  The painstakingly woven wall hanging illustrates a story about a group of gypsies who swindle a small town. The piece has been described as one of the finest gypsy and hunting tapestries made at the beginning of the 16th century.  The tapestry was taken down a couple of years ago for purposes of preservation and has been greatly missed by museum visitors.


“We are extremely proud of this new exhibit,” stated Kurt Sundstrom, Curator at the Currier Museum.  “To be able to offer so many new pieces that have never been viewable before in public and are now on display at the Currier is a proud moment.  Many of the works reflect an exuberance and grandeur that was prominent in sculpture and painting during the Baroque era.  To be able to showcase this collection around the holidays offers a unique insight into the importance of religion and the role of the Church for both artists and patrons alike.”


About the Currier

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