April 5, 2017 – June 13, 2017
In 2005, The PLUS Company, Inc. and the Currier Museum of Art created a unique partnership to engage adults with developmental disabilities in weekly art-making classes combined with visits to the museum.
The PLUS Company’s goals are to maximize opportunities for vocational, social, and financial independence, and to help integrate adults with disabilities. They focus on empowering individuals and helping others speak when they cannot find their voice. Similarly, the Currier Museum of Art aims to build confidence and encourage self-expression through art-making and art-looking.
“For people with disabilities, art provides a creative outlet for feelings that many of our clients are unable to express in words. Creating art not only increases self-esteem but can also improve social skills and communication.”
— Leni Hodgins, Adult Education Director, The PLUS Company, Inc.
The goal of this partnership is not the end product, but rather it is about experiences had in the moment. It is about building social confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and greater peace of mind. Through these artworks, images and quotes we hope that you will gain an appreciation for the beauty that emerges from the process of art-making and the importance of the experiences that can come from that.
We are grateful to RiverStone Resources LLC, The Brown Foundation, and Jane’s Trust for supporting this program.
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